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SteelSummit Holdings, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, started in 1984 as Vicksmetal Corporation, a toll processor of electrical grade steels in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Sumitomo decided growth was in order and built Tennessee Metal, a service center in LaVergne, Tennessee, now known as SteelSummit Tennessee. A 1990 acquisition in Cincinnati, Ohio, formerly Ohio Metal Processing completed what is now the core of the SteelSummit service center chain.

In 2014, the trading group, Summit Global Trading, was added to the SteelSummit Holdings group. In 2019, SteelSummit Holdings expanded its footprint with the acquisition of Magic Steel.

SteelSummit’s headquarters are located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


We are uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers, and community with

– Continuous improvement in our processes, demonstrated leadership, and promotion of comprehensive safety

– Individual accountability where all employees are required to adhere to our safety standards, and actively participate in and support the advancement of our health and safety practices

We are committed to achieving zero accidents to ensure all employees have a SAFE day, a SAFE tomorrow, a SAFE year, and a SAFE career.


Broad portfolio of processing services

slitting, cut-to length, global supply chain solutions

Proven track record of quality and service

ISO 9001:2015

Supply chain management expertise

supply chain expertise

Strong, reputable parent company


Sumitomo Corporation of the Americas

International business network


global footprint and capabilities


SteelSummit Holdings, Inc.
1500 Medical Center Pkwy.
Suite 3B

Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Summit Global Trading is located in corporate office.


Lavergne, TN

Cincinnati, OH

Grand Rapids, MI

Trinity, AL

Madison, AL