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Flat Rolled Steel

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SteelSummit, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, processes and distributes flat-rolled steel products using methods such as advanced slitting, multi-blanking, and shearing. Capacity exists to process over 600,000 tons of steel annually at two production facilities in Tennessee and Ohio. Additionally, four other affiliated service centers operated by Sumitomo are located throughout the eastern US and, and are available to support SteelSummit’s operations. Our products are consumed by many industries, including automotive, appliance, construction, HVAC, office furniture, and consumer goods.

SteelSummit’s two domestic service centers offer State-of-the-Art production equipment to meet customers’ expectations:

  • 5 Modern Coil Slitting Lines
  • 1 Multi-cut Precision Blanking Line
  • 1 Horizontal Shear
  • Fully Equipped Die Building Shop
  • Reliable Truck Fleet

SteelSummit offers many value-added services and benefits.

  • Metallurgical assistance
  • Comprehensive Inventory Programs
  • ISO 9001 / TS-16949 certified quality systems
  • Market Logistics


SteelSummit is committed to providing our customers with the finest quality blanks and sheets available in the marketplace today. The high speed, precision cut multi-blanking line reliably delivers surface critical materials produced to tight tolerances. 


  • 72" wide coil max
  • Gauge Range from .015" to .188"
  • Multi-blanking up to .135" thick
  • 27 ton coil capacity
  • Dual Herr Voss leveling cassettes
    for heavy and light gauge
  • PVC film application
  • 20,000# stack weight maximum
  • Lighted inspection stations
    for surface critical materials



SteelSummit is committed to giving our customers the highest quality slit material available. We recognize the steel industry's strict requirements for specialized, processed steel products. We implore the use of sophisticated technology to give us a competitive edge among our competitors. Our roll tensioning allows us to slit surface critical material. Shimless tooling on all slitters provides exact tolerances and provides for easy repetition of setups. Gamma ray gauge monitoring allows us to identify non conforming material immediately, and provide our customers with a comprehensive analysis of coil thickness from tip to tail.


  • 3 slitting lines
  • Gauge range from .010" to .250"
  • 60" max width
  • 30 ton coil capacity
  • Roll tensioning
  • In-house slitter knife sharpening
  • 1 slitting line
  • Gauge range from .012" to .171"
  • 76" max entry width
  • 30 ton coil capacity


  • 2 slitting lines
  • Gauge range from .015" to .250"
  • 72" max width
  • 25 ton coil capacity
  • Roll tensioning





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